wolves in sheep’s cloth

The Naked Wolf

Herein lies sheep who follow wolves in sheep’s cloth.  We are merely the naked wolf who stands naked to show the reality of what we are: wolves.

Then why do sheep flock toward the wolves shrouded in fleece?  There are so often those who trust appearance over reality that fall prey to those masked in secrecy, while the naked wolf who stands proud, honest, and ready to lead is left with not a single follower.  I rather there be no followers than to deceive.  I rather appear as what I am than hide beneath fleece.

A shady market is a shady market, whether white, bright, or glorified; our appearance is merely a reflection of our identity.

We are here to give you what is rightfully your choice to do with what you own that the Government has irrevocably taken away from you.  The rights and control of your own property: to buy, to sell, or to give.  It is your choice.

Believe in truth over appearance.

BlackBank Market.  Find us.  We are here to give you anonymity.  We are here to give you your freedom back.