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Community in the Darkness

Most people would know of the existence of darknet markets with the recent revelations of Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road.  In more recent news, Utopia, another darknet market, has once again been the focal point of police seizures and arrests.  In both cases, there was a hire for assassination, which is an unapologetic form of violence and mayhem that strips the foundation and concept of freedom.

However, the officials did not take action because of these poor choices.  They target these markets as a form of control over society: to deprive social freedom of access to information and trade.  In more than several occasions, I find that many of these members of the darknet community are no different from anyone else in the world.  They are simply people who wish to acquire certain things deemed illegal by a state simply at whim.

Why is it some things are legal and others are illegal?  Votes.  The Government wants to show and exercise control over the public to exhibit the facade that society, without them, would be in chaos.  However, communities formed without a totalitarian Government have often proved to be stronger and close-knit than those dictated.  These members of the darknet are not Gollums of society, but instead, are just like every other person out there.  The only difference is they seek freedom.

Why should the Government decide which substances are illegal or legal to smoke, when those choices are made without the precedence of any substantial reasoning?  Marijuana is hazardous to your health, but smoking cigarettes is not?  Reality is, people should have freedom of right to choose and access what they wish to acquire, as long as it does not infringe on another’s freedom.  If one person wanted to buy cigarettes, they are educated on the substance, and the choice to purchase is for them to decide.  This should apply to everything.

If a commodity exists and provided by one person for another who demands it, they should be free to make that decision.  Life is about choices.  Freedom is about choices.  Why does the Government aim to strip these choices?

Why can the Government decide which medicines are legal and illegal?  Sometimes one medicinal drug share near exact qualities and risks as another, yet the Government decides to ban one and not the other.  The reasoning is greed; the Government is paid to create bills that accept certain products of one pharmaceutical instead of another because one has more money.  It is a form of control over the public motivated by greed.

This is why Governments target darknet markets.  Their aim is to remove the network that undercuts their regulations and interferes with their financial gains.  In the forums of darknet markets, there are doctors giving advice, people sharing stories to motivate each other, and members offering crisis hotlines to aid in depression.  Does the darknet community sound like a community of crime as envisioned by the public?  The Government has simply called out wolf in the face of the public sheep, when in reality, the real danger is the one crying wolf.

Beware of the Government as they stand watch over you, strip you of your rights, and keep you from earning a survivable income.  The corrupt and deceitful members of the Government can only stand tall on top of the pedestal that is our backs as long as we allow them to.  Demand justice.  Demand the Government to relinquish their balls and chains wrapped around our legs.  The darknet community is not composed of ‘criminals’, but of a community seeking  to have their freedom and justice reprieved in the face of dictatorial oppression; freedom is a necessitated basic right entitled to every single individual in the world.


The Naked Wolf

Herein lies sheep who follow wolves in sheep’s cloth.  We are merely the naked wolf who stands naked to show the reality of what we are: wolves.

Then why do sheep flock toward the wolves shrouded in fleece?  There are so often those who trust appearance over reality that fall prey to those masked in secrecy, while the naked wolf who stands proud, honest, and ready to lead is left with not a single follower.  I rather there be no followers than to deceive.  I rather appear as what I am than hide beneath fleece.

A shady market is a shady market, whether white, bright, or glorified; our appearance is merely a reflection of our identity.

We are here to give you what is rightfully your choice to do with what you own that the Government has irrevocably taken away from you.  The rights and control of your own property: to buy, to sell, or to give.  It is your choice.

Believe in truth over appearance.

BlackBank Market.  Find us.  We are here to give you anonymity.  We are here to give you your freedom back.

Dancing in the Lion’s Den

In midst of desperation, we often venture forth into the lion’s den; as raw meat to the lion, we are to the world.  Life pushes us further and harder when we are at our most tried times, as a beast forced into a corner, our fear overwhelms us to do things we neither knew we were once capable of nor would ever have desire of.  Thrust to the back walls of life, we thrust forward with amicable force, fueled by a voracious appetite for life.

Do not fear when all is seemingly about to end; every moment till the last breath is a precious commodity to be admired, even when the next is the last.  Freedom is a breath we take for granted and lost by the choices we make ourselves.  Encumbered by our own obedience of a Government built upon lies and deceit instead of searching for the boundaries of morality and ethics within ourselves.  Often, members of society, so caged, in search of freedom, fall prey to the desperation they did not know themselves were succumbed with.  As many turn and explicate situations beyond their own comprehension for non-existent solutions to non-existent problems, they break down and turn on innocent members of society; they did not understand the cage is not created by the world around us, but by the world within us.

The world we see is but our own perception, and as our perception warps, so does our world.  A warped world in a warped mind bends us and wills us to do incomprehensible things.  Such are the results of massacres, murders, abductions, and rape.  All harsh words from a harsh world, fabricated from a harsh mind.  If we were all freed from this world, the shadows of our minds, is when we truly feel liberated.  We are only controlled to the level we allow ourselves to kneel in the presence of what is upon us.  Let it not be upon us, but be before us, and stand as equal.

Knowing that we always have a choice is a powerful reminder that we are always in control of ourselves and our actions.  Freedom is being able to choose to do what you want and when you want, and understanding the respect of the freedom of others around us.

When faced with the lions of the world, don’t fear you are trapped.  Become a lion.  The world around you is but your own perception; don’t let your own perception bend you, and instead bend your perception, respect the lions around you, and earn the same respect as a lion yourself.  You are not flesh nor meat – you are no different to the others around you.

Choose freedom.  Choose liberation.  Choose for yourself.

Find us and join us.

The Rabbit Hole is Deep

Venture into the Rabbit Hole and you’ll find a world that swallows you in a darkness so deep that there is no light to shine your way out.  This is the deep web.  The world here was not created by thought but by demand, as all things we find in society.  The recent loss of information and privacy from ‘attacks’ aimed at large industries, such as ‘Target’ are viewed as acts of malicious intent for the purpose of greed.

However true the fact that many are driven by the greed for quick monetary gains that can be poached from information and sold with a price, let it be known, that information is not priceless, but worthless.  Inevitably, the actions of hackers, identity thieves, and forgers lead to a greater result.  One must understand that identity is not what is written in your passport, credit card, or your driver’s license.  These forms of identification are simply the methods of control that bureaucrats have imposed on the community to form a ball and chain.  The identity you carry in your pocket is but a figment of your imagination broadened by a capitalist world.  Don’t get me wrong, as I am all for capitalism.  I, just like anyone else, have fevor for riches and power to break beyond the limitations of the every day next door neighbor with greener grass.

What I do want to point out is that these so-called technical ‘thieves’ of identity are not stealing your identity, but liberating it.  Your true identity is what lies beneath all the paper document and computer information; when you look in the mirror, this is your true identity, beneath your clothes, hair, and even your skin.  Your true identity lies within you, and if you wish to show who you are, simply be.

Do not be bound by what the world and society enforces upon you for their benefit.  Free yourself and be bound by your own choices, and remember to respect the freedom of others as well, for the moment we press down on another person’s freedom, we are caged by our own decisions.

That is the philosophy of BlackBank Market; to be free to do as we choose, without control by a faulted Government body.  Find us on the deep web and liberate.  What we bank is not Money, but a currency that is far more important: your freedom of choice as an individual – identity within anonymity weighs more than gold and reaches further than the ambient stars above.

The bread crumbs lay wide and far toward the Rabbit Hole; it is up to you to find it.  TorBrowser.


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