Dancing in the Lion’s Den

In midst of desperation, we often venture forth into the lion’s den; as raw meat to the lion, we are to the world.  Life pushes us further and harder when we are at our most tried times, as a beast forced into a corner, our fear overwhelms us to do things we neither knew we were once capable of nor would ever have desire of.  Thrust to the back walls of life, we thrust forward with amicable force, fueled by a voracious appetite for life.

Do not fear when all is seemingly about to end; every moment till the last breath is a precious commodity to be admired, even when the next is the last.  Freedom is a breath we take for granted and lost by the choices we make ourselves.  Encumbered by our own obedience of a Government built upon lies and deceit instead of searching for the boundaries of morality and ethics within ourselves.  Often, members of society, so caged, in search of freedom, fall prey to the desperation they did not know themselves were succumbed with.  As many turn and explicate situations beyond their own comprehension for non-existent solutions to non-existent problems, they break down and turn on innocent members of society; they did not understand the cage is not created by the world around us, but by the world within us.

The world we see is but our own perception, and as our perception warps, so does our world.  A warped world in a warped mind bends us and wills us to do incomprehensible things.  Such are the results of massacres, murders, abductions, and rape.  All harsh words from a harsh world, fabricated from a harsh mind.  If we were all freed from this world, the shadows of our minds, is when we truly feel liberated.  We are only controlled to the level we allow ourselves to kneel in the presence of what is upon us.  Let it not be upon us, but be before us, and stand as equal.

Knowing that we always have a choice is a powerful reminder that we are always in control of ourselves and our actions.  Freedom is being able to choose to do what you want and when you want, and understanding the respect of the freedom of others around us.

When faced with the lions of the world, don’t fear you are trapped.  Become a lion.  The world around you is but your own perception; don’t let your own perception bend you, and instead bend your perception, respect the lions around you, and earn the same respect as a lion yourself.  You are not flesh nor meat – you are no different to the others around you.

Choose freedom.  Choose liberation.  Choose for yourself.

Find us and join us.


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