The Rabbit Hole is Deep

Venture into the Rabbit Hole and you’ll find a world that swallows you in a darkness so deep that there is no light to shine your way out.  This is the deep web.  The world here was not created by thought but by demand, as all things we find in society.  The recent loss of information and privacy from ‘attacks’ aimed at large industries, such as ‘Target’ are viewed as acts of malicious intent for the purpose of greed.

However true the fact that many are driven by the greed for quick monetary gains that can be poached from information and sold with a price, let it be known, that information is not priceless, but worthless.  Inevitably, the actions of hackers, identity thieves, and forgers lead to a greater result.  One must understand that identity is not what is written in your passport, credit card, or your driver’s license.  These forms of identification are simply the methods of control that bureaucrats have imposed on the community to form a ball and chain.  The identity you carry in your pocket is but a figment of your imagination broadened by a capitalist world.  Don’t get me wrong, as I am all for capitalism.  I, just like anyone else, have fevor for riches and power to break beyond the limitations of the every day next door neighbor with greener grass.

What I do want to point out is that these so-called technical ‘thieves’ of identity are not stealing your identity, but liberating it.  Your true identity is what lies beneath all the paper document and computer information; when you look in the mirror, this is your true identity, beneath your clothes, hair, and even your skin.  Your true identity lies within you, and if you wish to show who you are, simply be.

Do not be bound by what the world and society enforces upon you for their benefit.  Free yourself and be bound by your own choices, and remember to respect the freedom of others as well, for the moment we press down on another person’s freedom, we are caged by our own decisions.

That is the philosophy of BlackBank Market; to be free to do as we choose, without control by a faulted Government body.  Find us on the deep web and liberate.  What we bank is not Money, but a currency that is far more important: your freedom of choice as an individual – identity within anonymity weighs more than gold and reaches further than the ambient stars above.

The bread crumbs lay wide and far toward the Rabbit Hole; it is up to you to find it.  TorBrowser.


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